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MJ's Awesome!

Mountain Made
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There is no BETTER TASTING PEPPERS in this world. M J's is the very best,what little I know of her she is 1 down to earth very sweet lady with the bestest peppers. 


my Satisfied hoagie eater

We live in PA, but purchased the mild, medium and hot peppers while recently visiting Fairmont (at the recommendation of family who have tried them). Our only regret was that we didn't buy more of them to stock up!!! These are FANTASTIC!!! We will definitely be getting tons more of them! And we are already telling everyone we know that they've GOT to try them! These are excellent on sandwiches, pizza, etc! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! 

Dr. & Mrs. G

Love those peppers, Hot and xx.....Use them in dips. chili Etc.....Some of the best I have ever had..... 

horseshoe creek farm

Love 'em

Bought some xx hot, and it's the best tasting pepper sauce I've ever had!! Thanks!!! Need to buy more 

Derek M

Really good!!!

I just ordered a package to distribute to friends and relatives while I'm visiting in California. All the pepper strengths are fabulous. Can hardly wait to see which ones each friend chooses. 

Judith Wright

Happy traveler

My husband is from Mexico and he is very particular about the taste of peppers. When we discovered MJ's XX Hot Peppers in sauce, he claims that he has finally found a perfect pepper product - hot enough and with loads of flavor. He adds it to practically all of his foods. Thanks MJ's!!! 

Amy Hartman

Amy and Juan

love the hot peppers.....have used them straight up on 'ckrs., in dips,in chili,on melted cheese s/w on homemade toasted bread.....can't get enough! Don't stop making them... 

horseshoe creek farm

owner operator

We went to Fairmont Gun Show today. My son loves spicy food so he tried several different peppers and the mustard, all of which were very good, the "Two X" peppers are Exhilarating!! Very Good! 

Rick Gapen

This stuff is zingy, and not too sweet. Try on Ritz and cheddar as a TV snack. Had to go searching for more... 

Hot Lips Now

I recently purchased 2 jars of your peppers, 1 medium and 1 xx hot. They are great on fried bologna sandwiches. I also added the medium hot peppers to my spaghetti sauce, it was delicious. Great peppers! 

Steve Gee

I mixed the jalapeno jelly with cream cheese as a dip for family and friends and they were crazy about it. They mopped it up while watching football. In fact my husband and sons say its the best dip/cracker spread they ever had.I hope you enjoy the fact that your jalapeno pepper jelly is a big hit here in central NJ. It is terrific. The funny thing is my husband and sons want me to make more just for them without having to share it! 

Toni from Sumerville, NJ

How ridiculously amazing your hot pepper jellies are. We tore through (and shared) the case we bought and I just placed an order for another! So count us as your official Washington DC marketing reps! 

Kathryn from Virginia

I have never had anything that compares to your declicious peppers! Thank You! 


Satisfied Customer

We have been eating these peppers for years. Not only are they great on pizza and sandwiches but also great in baked beans and salads. The jellies make great dips!!! 

Ann Hovatter