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MJ's Awesome!

Mountain Made
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                            Available Products

Mild Peppers (in sauce) - a gentle touch of heat for the faint of heart! - 12 oz. Jar

Medium Peppers (in sauce) Take a step up to the medium as we throw in some infernos!  OH  SOOOOO good! - 12 oz. Jar

Hot Peppers (in sauce) Purely Inferno hot Peppers turns on the heat to wake up your taste buds!

12 oz. Jar!

X- Hot Peppers (in sauce) - Holy Habanero!  A bit of Mexico!  Infernos and Habaneros 12 oz. Jar

XX Hot Peppers (in sauce) Throw some Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) in with the Inferno peppers!  May have you begging for mercy or Buttermilk.  MJ's favorite. Just don't overdo it! - 12 oz. Jar

Hot Mustard:  A big favorite on just about everything. Add to potato salad, deviled eggs, Baked chicken and all sandwiches, and mix with cream cheese and serve on crackers!

HOT RED PEPPER JELLY:   So good mixed with cream cheese for a dip and spread on anything you put jelly on! - 8 oz. Jar

Jalapeno Jelly:  Spread on your cornbread and also mix with cream cheese for a dip. - 8 oz Jar

Serving suggestions


Add 3/4 C peppers w/sauce to 1lb Velveta Cheese for Nacho's

Add 1/2 C peppers w/ sauce to 8 oz. Cream Cheese

Add 1/4 C MJ's Awesome! Hot Mustard to 8 oz. Cream Cheese

Add 1/2 C Hot Pepper Jelly to 8 oz. Cream Cheese


Hot Pepper Jelly is a great garnish on Meats, Pork, Chicken, etc.

The peppers add that extra umph to just about everything! Good on just about all sandwiches, in your beans, chili, soups, eggs, potatoes, meat, hot dogs, burgers and on and on!  Also mix with cream cheese for a tasty dip. Several people tell me they ate them right out of the jar in two days!  I kid you not, I saw a man eating the peppers on a glazed doughnut!

However you choose to eat our products, Just enjoy!!!!   And Thank you!  MJ

Minimum order of 4 Jars

All Products are shipped by Priority Mail in Continental US Only!